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Nexus Interface

Introduction to the NexusInterface


Nexus Interface is the official implementation of the embedded Core with a user interface which helps ordinary users to access, create, tokens, assets, invoices, items and transact with other users. NXS the cryptocurrency powering the network is not compatible with any other third-party wallet or hardware wallets due to the disparate architecture that manages keys and assets on-chain, resembling a cloud service, along with increased security standards compared to other blockchains (512 bit keys compared to 256 bit keys).
The Interface is modular and consists of the Core and the userinterface. This helps ordinary users to run the Interface and empowers advanced users to run the core as a daemon on servers or headless machines and to access using the Interface or API's. The Interface allows ordinary users to carry out various operations on the network and additional features can be enabled by the use of modules in a safe sandboxed environment.
The Interface supports both, Tritium and the Legacy chain. This is enabled by the two modes and the user can switch between the Tritium and legacy modes.
We recommend users to who have NXS in the legacy chain to migrate to Tritium.
Next Interface update will default to a lite node compared to the full node implementation today. This will reduce the complexity for ordinary users.
If any user is facing issues with the Nexus Interface, or has any general queries, we will be happy to help, on the Nexus Support telegram channel linked below.