Nexus Docs

Add NXS to Stake

How to add NXS for staking
To add more NXS to stake, send the additional NXS to the trust account.
  • Go to the “User” module at the bottom, this opens the user page
  • Click on “Staking” tab on the left, on the right it shows the staking details.
  • Find the NXS under “Available Balance”, click “Adjust stake Amount”.
  • This opens the "Adjust stake Amount" window, select the total NXS to be staked. For example, you have 20K NXS already staked and would like to add 5K then, the adjusted amount should be 25K.
  • Click ‘Set staking amount “ to save the changes.
The changes will be reflected in the stake details and on the next stake block the NXS will be transferred to the trust account.