Nexus Docs

How to Unstake

Follow these steps to unstake NXS

How to Unstake Properly:

  • Stop Staking is not the same as unstaking NXS. Staked coins are locked in a trust account and will not be available until properly unstaked.
  • Unstaking NXS will slash the users stake rate and trust.
  • To unstake, go to the “User” module at the bottom, click on “Staking” tab on the left. On the right, it shows you the staking details.
  • Click "Adjust stake Amount", and enter the amount to keep staking. For example, the wallet is staking 25K NXS and there is a need to remove 10K, then enter 15K. If the entire balance needs to be withdrawn, enter 0. Click "Set staking amount" to save the changes.
  • The changes will be reflected in the stake details, continue staking and on the next stake block the NXS will be unlocked and available in the trust account under "Available Balance".
  • The unstaked NXS can now be sent to another account. If you have withdrawn your entire balance then you can stop staking.