Nexus Docs

Staking Disclaimer

Staking is a serious commitment

Before You Consider Staking on Nexus

  • Staking on Nexus requires commitment to adequately secure the network and receive the highest possible incentive percentage. Your wallet must remain online 365/24/7.
  • Staking on Nexus is based on incentivization and if the node becomes unavailable to the network, the incentives halt immediately. Stake rate and trust also decay with time at a 3:1 ratio (A year of trust decays fully in 4 months, however trust is accumulated beyond 100% so decay timeline can be extended).
  • Staked NXS are locked in a trust account and a block must be found to withdraw (a few hours to months), depending on the amount of NXS staked and associated difficulty.
  • For every user the wallet creates two standard accounts named ‘default’ and ‘trust’. Staking can only be enabled with NXS in the ‘trust’ account. (Don't send NXS you don't intend to stake to the ‘Trust’ account, use ‘default’ instead).
  • If there is any NXS not intended to be staked in the 'trust account and the wallet is online, the NXS may be staked automatically and it may take a long time to unlock your NXS depending on the amount of NXS staked.
  • When withdrawing NXS from a staking account, there will be a penalty in the form of lost trust proportional to the percentage withdrawn. If trust is accumulated beyond 100%, the amount of trust lost will decrease correspondingly.
  • The Staking computation requirements may change with time as adoption accelerates.
  • The Nexus wallets, infrastructure and frameworks will be continuously evolving so maintaining updated software is crucial, especially during hard forks. Please join our social media channels to keep abreast of ongoing developments.
If you have any concerns or questions we are happy to answer them on our telegram support channel linked below: