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Create a Namespace

This guide will help users to create a Namespace using the Nexus Interface. Before we start to create a Namespace, users need to be familiar with the concept and usage.


Namespaces allow users to provide user-friendly names for their object registers without needing to disclose their username. This is useful for privacy, but also to allow names to be related to a business or some other meaningful context.
To avoid name-squatting registering a namespace attracts a high fee (1000 NXS). However once registered, creating Names within that namespace costs only 1 NXS
Creating a Namespace will incur a fee of 1000 NXS

Uses of Namespace

Namespaces can be used for a few things:
  • It can be used as a company name, a layer above the user account. All the transactions can be done by sending the transactions to namespace::account.
  • It can provide privacy by hiding the username for the Sigchain
  • In the future it can be used as Domain Name for websites hosted on Nexus Cloud

Namespace Parameters


This is the name, the user wants to be registered as namespace.
NOTE : Namespaces can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and periods (.).

Create a Namespace

To create a Namespace using the Interface follow the steps:
  • Open the Nexus Interface, make sure the wallet is fully synched and log into the user account (Sigchain).
  • In the Overview page, at the bottom click on the "User" module. This opens the User page.
  • In the User page, on the left side click on the "Namespace" tab.
  • In the Namespace page click on "Create a new namespace". This opens the Create a new namespace page.
  • In this page the user has to provide the "Name parameter which will be the namespace .
  • Once the name is provided, click on the "CREATE NAMESPACE" button on the bottom of the page.
The fee of 1000 NXS will be deducted from the "default" account. Make sure the account has NXS to cover the transaction.
  • Once the namespace is registered on the blockchain, it will be listed in the "Namespace" page