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Create Names

This guide will help users to create a Names using the Nexus Interface. Before we start to create a Names also known as Local Names, users need to be familiar with the concepts and usage.


Names are those created within the context of a signature chain and are also known as local names. To use a local name you must prefix the name with the owners username separated by a single colon, e.g. bob:savings. This is equivalent to saying "look at all the Names registered in the sig chain bob and find one called savings and then see what object register it points to". There can only be one Name called savings in the sig chain bob, but another user alice can also create a local name called savings
Names are local or reside within the context of a Sigchain.

Name Parameters

Name Field

In this field the user provides the name to be created.
Creating a name will incur a fee of 1 NXS.

Register Address

In this field the user provides the register address of the account that the name will point to

Create a Name

To create a Name using the Interface follow the steps:
  • Open the Nexus Interface, make sure the wallet is fully synched and log into the user account (Sigchain).
  • In the Overview page, at the bottom click on the "User" module. This opens the User page.
  • In the User page, on the left side click on the "Names" tab.
  • In the Names page click on "Create a new name". This opens the Create a new name page.
  • On top of the page make sure the "LOCAL" button is highlighted, if not click on it.
  • In this page the user has to provide the "Name" and the "register address" to which it points .
  • Once the parameters are provided, click on the "CREATE NAME" button on the bottom of the page.