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Mining on Nexus

All information for Mining on Nexus
Nexus has a three consensus channels, two mining Hash and Prime, the third is the staking channel nPoS. Anyone can mine on Nexus and does not need permission. The Nexus developer team has a dedicated mining developer team to oversee mining and pools.

Mining Support:

For any help or support related to mining, join our Telegram channel linked below:

Mining Channels:

  • Prime Mining: GPU - Supports both Solo & Pool.
  • Hash Mining: GPU or FPGA’s - Supports both Solo & Pool.
Good to Know: We don't recommend CPU Prime or Hash mining as it is not profitable and only used for testnet mining.

Solo Mining

Solo means single or individual mining. It requires the miner to be connected to the Nexus wallet. The wallet and miner can be run on the same or a separate computer especially when mining with FPGA’s.
Good to Know: Solo mining is not profitable for prime and hash, unless you have a very big mining setup.

Pool Mining

Pool mining is similar to group mining, and the miner has to be connected to a mining pool. The miner is directly connected to the pool, and the mining rewards are paid to miners depending on the percentage of individual hash rate. There are fees to mine on a pool and that is deducted from the mining payouts.

Mining Pools For Nexus:

Prime Pool:

The Nexus mining team has made available an open prime pool. To use this pool copy the below lines in the miner config.
"wallet_ip" : "",
"port" : 50000,
Link to the prime pool webpage:
Nexus Prime Pool

Hash Pool:

The Nexus mining team has made available an open hash pool. To join the pool, use the below lines in the miner config.
"wallet_ip" : "",
"port" : 50000,
Link to the hash pool webpage:
Nexus Web UI
Link to the Hash Pool
Good to Know: AMD GPU support is still in its early days and will be improved in the future

Compatible Mining Hardware

The NexusMiner can use CPU, GPU for Prime and FPGA for Hash mining. CPU mining is not recommended as it is not efficient.


If using GPU mining, the NexusMIner V1.5 supports both nvidia and AMD GPU's. The CUDA cores from Nvidia are fully supported and work efficiently. AMD support has been enabled recently only for prime only on linux and will take some time to be fully efficient.
To get the best out of the nvidia graphics cards, we highly recommend to use the latest graphics drivers and MSI Afterburner.
Do not install the Nvidia content creator drivers, the miner will not work properly


FPGA miners for Nexus are only available from Blackminer. These miners can only be used for Hash mining.

Mining Calculator:

To get a better understanding of the mining efficiencies of different hardware, use the mining calculator linked below: