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Nexus Vision & Goals

The Bigger Picture
Extremely ambitious and over engineered stands as valid criticism of Nexus’s goals and technical designs, referred sometimes as a scam, due to impossible nature. Nevertheless, that energy provides the necessary impetus to pursue an alternative future. Refusing to follow the trend and hype of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), Nexus paved its own path, every passing day affirming these decisions instead of rebuking them. Specifically, the attention to software stack, multiple consensus channels, layer one scalability, decentralized identity (DID), quantum resistance and Application Programming Interface (API) creates a unified foundation to expand upon.
This culminates in the formation of a fully decentralised internet, secured by Nexus blockchain, owned and operated by the people. The technical designs maybe over engineered for todays standards, but are intended to last for centuries.


Nexus is establishing the foundation for a Decentralized Web (DWeb) by completely replacing the internet’s OSI Model and traditional conventions with The Nexus Protocol. It is driven by a blockchain-based operating system (LX-OS) currently under development, and will be connected by ground stations, distributed satellite constellations and terrestrial mesh networks.
  • Create the fastest, decentralized layer 1 blockchain, with advanced contracts, to encompass any type of use case with API's or augmented contracts depending on the complexity.
  • A fully decentralized mobile wallet, which can accord blockchain access to millions of banked and unbanked people of the world, for a true peer-to-peer (P2P) experience.
  • Create a decentralized search engine which will work on LLD, Nexus Cloud and IPFS.
  • Create a decentralized cloud storage system, where network participants running nodes can lease their additional storage to the network. The storage will be powered by the file API and will bring in a lot of utility and compensation for leasing storage to the network.
  • Create the fastest, scalable and decentralized 3 dimensional chain which can scale automatically with the growth of the network, will provide better security with checks an balances and also bring the confirmation times for trusted transactions within 5 secs.
  • LX-OS: A hardened Operating System designed to resist attacks from malware, backdoors and similar vulnerabilities through the augmentation of blockchain technology. The first phase will focus on embedded systems (IoT and satellites), with later iterations encompassing consumer hardware UI.
  • Satellite & Mesh Networks: A distributed network infrastructure consisting of tokenized micro-satellites, ground stations, and phased array antennas, providing an alternative to centralized Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
These are some of the main goals which we have listed here. Tritium which is foundational layer is complete and now we are in the Tritium++ release phase. Due to the disparate architecture and a small team things move at a slower pace.

Join Us

If anyone finds our vision and goals align with theirs, wants to contribute, wants to join the DAO or want to know more about Nexus, join our community Telegram channel, linked below